How do I import content from another course into my new course shell?

You can only import content from a master shell into a live course. You cannot import content from a previous course into a current one. With a master shell, you can save your content so you can import it into current and future courses. Request a master shell by contacting the ATS department.



  • Login to Moodle using the Mozilla Firefox browser, visit: FAQ ID #1175
  • Browse to your *new* empty course shell, visit: FAQ ID #1176

Importing From Master Course Shell

  1. Select Import from the Administration block under Course administration.
    Admin Block with arrow pointing to import
  2. Use the search field to identify the Master where the content is currently located. Select the course where you wish to import data from and click Continue.
    Find master course

  3. Select and check off the intial settings that you wish to import and press Next.
    Select features

  4. Identify which activities and resources you wish to include from the itemized list of check boxes.
    Select which topics, activities and resources you want to import. All items will be selected by default.
    Resource selection
    Note: If you have the Topic heading unchecked the checkmarks will remain next to the activities below the headings, but will not transfer into the new course shell!

  5. Scroll down and click Next.

  6. Review and confirm all your selections.
    Confirm settings

  7. When ready scroll to the page bottom and select Perform import. Please allow several seconds for all items to transfer and complete the import.
    Perform import

  8. Select Continue to return to the new course.
    Continue to completion

Click the icon below to go to a video that demonstrates how to import content from a Master Course Shell into a live course shell.

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