I need to fix a quiz score.


Override a Question Answer or Essay Response Score on a Quiz

  1. Access the Quiz activity.
    Grade an Essay

  2. Visit the Adminsitration block and under Quiz administration click Results. Below results you will find links to multiple reports and windows for understanding student performance on the quiz and grading responses.
    Quiz Results
  3. Select the Grades view to access all the student quiz attempts, with the overall grade, and the grade for each question.
  4. Under the name of the student, select the option Review attempt.

  5. Scroll to the question you where you will be overriding the grade, and click on the Make comment or override the mark link.
  6. In the Comment section of the new window, type the new score for that question in the Mark box.

  7. Click the  Save button to finalize your correction.


View the video below to learn more about:

Reviewing quiz answers and overriding a quiz question qcore



2017-05-19 17:21 Josh Bruck
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