How do I get help if I cannot log in?

Review the following step by step instructions:

New Users:

You will need to ENROLL and set up your account using AD Self Service - Immaculata's Password Reset tool - before you can reset, change, or unlock your MAC-PASS account. To enroll, you will need your default username and password.

  • Your default username is usually:
    the first initial of your first name and your full last name - all lower case
    example: jsmith
    **NOTE - in cases where your last name is common, you may have a number appended to your username - such as jsmith3**
  • Your default password is:
    your birth date in six-digit format -- mmddyy

    example: 013080 -- for a birth date of January 30, 1980

*As an alternative, try the last 6 digits of your Immaculata University ID number; we may not have your birth date listed in our system. Your ID number begins with an upper case "A" or "C"

Once you log into Password Reset, you will be asked to change your default password and provide some additional information to complete enrollment. Once you are enrolled, you can manage your account. Also See FAQ Article 1491

For Returning Users (after 6/14/2016)

Use the Immaculata Password Reset

**For additional help logging in:
Contact the OTS Helpdesk by submitting the Helpdesk Request Form or
Call 610.647.4400 ext. 1234

2017-06-14 15:25 Frank Keating
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