How do I update my internet browser?

If you are using your personal computer (desktop or laptop) follow these instructions:

firefox iconFirefox:

Click the Open Menu button Open Menu Icon at the top right, and then click the Help Menu button Open help button at the bottom of the new expanded window. From there select About Firefox. It will tell you whether or not it is up to date and offer you a download option.

Note: Firefox is the recommended browser for Moodle!


chrome iconGoogle Chrome:

Click the Chrome button at the right of the address bar. Select About Google Chrome.

ie iconInternet Explorer:

Note: Internet explorer is NOT recommended for Moodle or Google Mail (IU's email)

Internet Explorer directions.

safari iconSafari

Go to the Apple menu and select Software update.

If you are using a computer lab computer:

The Help Desk updates the browser software. If this software is interfering with classroom productivity, please contact the OTS Helpdesk by submitting via the Helpdesk Request Form.

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