How are 'Managed' or AUTOMATED MASTERS handled?

This page provides some advanced insight into the course development and revision processes established for the IU Online program and the managed and automated MASTER shells.

What are 'Managed' MASTERS?

MASTERS are special Moodle courses that do not get archived during the routine cyclic cleanup and can be reused each semester. They do not get students enrolled in them, but are intended to act as 'templates' for a course, allowing that course to be prepared well in advance of the actual course start date. We have a few different types of MASTERS here at IU.

 'Personal' MASTERS are set up to be used by an individual faculty member to store course resources and to prepare all the course materials. The content and activities in the MASTER course must be imported into the live course shells by the faculty who manages the MASTER. You are probably familiar with personal MASTER courses, and may even have one of your own. These can also be used by more than one faculty member, in which case we refer to them as 'Shared' MASTERS. Because these MASTERS are managed entirely by the faculty, there is little or no supervisory oversight, and these are generally for use as enhancement for face to face courses.

There are also 'Managed MASTERS', which are not owned or managed by any individual faculty member, but by the university, college, or department. In all cases, faculty are appointed or contracted as 'SME's (Subject Matter Experts) to develop the syllabus, presentations, lectures, lessons and curricular materials. Because these courses are intended for Online delivery, they must adhere to certain standards based on the Dept. of Education, PDE, Middle States, and other regulatory guidelines. These are complete courses designed according to established best-practices, thoroughly tested to ensure they meet program and/or department standards, have consistent appearance in accordance with their IU Style Guide(s), and meet all regulatory and AIE requirements. These MASTERS leverage the expert curricular oversight by CDS and the professional instructional design and standard processes provided by the ATS team. These 'Managed' MASTERS once completed, are locked and set up so that the content is automatically imported each semester to the live Moodle course shells via our specialized ATS 'Course Automation' system. All IU Online program courses (and an increasing number of non-program online offerings) use these 'Managed' MASTERS.

How are 'Managed' MASTERS updated?

All courses need to be regularly reviewed on an annual cycle, and may warrant 'Major' revisions to make adjustments for textbook edition updates or address emerging needs related to program outcomes. A 'Major' revision is not a trivial undertaking and generally takes between 12 and 20 weeks to complete. There is a good deal of coordination, communication, planning, scheduling, and project management required to support the successful revision and ensure continued quality and standards compliance of our Online courses. 

In addition to 'major' revisions, there may also be 'minor' revisions or general enhancements desired. These are generally identified by the facilitators while teaching the course, who might notice a broken link or spelling error, find a spot where a lesson or discussion might need some adjustments, suggest file replacements or resource additions. These 'minor' revisions do not substantially alter the overall curriculum or create the need for the course to be checked out or reevaluated, and can be submitted directly to the ATS team using the special tools embedded in each course. This process is an important component of our continuous quality management and progressive enhancement practices.

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Managed MASTERS - Integrated Course Management Tools 


Managed MASTERS - Submitting a Revision or 'Minor' Update



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