How do I change the format of my course?



  • Topics format is presented showing all of the content in the course from top to bottom.
  • Folder View format allows viewers to minimize other sections, or look at one section at a time.

Selecting Course Formats:

  1. Click Edit settings under Course administration of the Administration block.
    settings in course administration

  2. Scroll down and locate the Format setting in the Course format section.
    format setting

  3. Select the format that you wish to use for your course.
    •  It is recommended to always edit your course using the Topics format.
    • If you wish to utilize the Folder View format, switch to the format after you have completed your couse edits.
    • When ready enable student access to the course.

  4. Continue to the bottom of the page and Save Changes.

View the video below to learn more about:

Course formats in Moodle

2017-05-22 16:53 Josh Bruck
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