Can I organize which messages I receive, and where I access notifications in Moodle?

Students and faculty are able to customize how and when they receive notifications in Moodle. Take a moment to edit the message settings in your profile. Via the Activity stream, popup notifications, emails and alert badges you are able to receive messages while on and offline.

Customize Moodle Messaging

1. Click on your name or profile picture to open the options bubble. 
2. Select Preferences.

Profile options bubble

3. In the User account section, select Messaging to organize your communication in Moodle.

Messaging options

4. Review the menu of options and check off all the message types you wish to receive from your interactions in Moodle; determine how and where you wish to receive them. When you are finished scroll to the bottom of the page and select Update to save your choices.

Alerts Messages

  1. On the top right of your course, select the exclaimation point and review your Alert messages.

Activity Streams

A track record of activity in your course can be accessed by adding the Activity stream notifications to a block.

  1. First, go to your Dashboard in the Navigation block.
    Navigation block
  2. On your Dashboard page, click on Customize this page.
    Customize this page button
  3. In the pull-down menu in the Add a block block, select Activity stream.
  4. Based on your messaging configurations, the notifications will appear as a block on your page in an activity stream.
    Activity stream

  5. Remember to select the Stop customizing this page button.
    Close customization

View the video below to learn more about:

Alerts and Streams in Moodle

To view the full screen visit the following page on YouTube.


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