Where can I access Ellucian Go, Immaculata University's free app for mobile devices?

Ellucian Go, IU's new FREE app for mobile devices, keeps you connected. Wherever you go, take Immaculata University with you. The app will give you anytime, anywhere access to the important information you need, including schedules, grades, campus maps as well as other useful features.

Below are instructions for obtaining the new IU Mobile App.

Easy Steps to Ellucian Go:

  1. Download the Ellucian Go app available on,

    Ellucian Go, google play

    • Apple Apps Market
    • Google Play
    • Amazon (Kindle Fire).
  2. Launch the app and select Immaculata University from the list of schools.
    select IU
  3. Click sign In at the bottom of the screen and use your MYIU username and password to log in.
    sign in with my IU
    • When you change your MYIU password, you will need to log into the Ellucian Go app with your new password.


If experience a technical issues contact the OTS Helpdesk by submitting the Helpdesk Request Form or by phone via x1234.

2017-05-26 15:30 Josh Bruck
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