How do I create, edit, and copy a page in Mahara?

Students, faculty, and mentors are able to publish pages that can be shared with colleagues and classmates. Your pages may include files, journals, links and resources to present to others and share progress in a project.

  1. Access the Portfolio tab and select Pages.

  2. Select to Create page, Edit a page or Copy a page.
    Create edit and copy Pages

Create a Page

View the following resources on creating a portfolio Page.

After creating a new page you will build the page by providing a title, editing the layout, organizing the content, viewing the page on display and determining who to share the page with.

  1. Edit Page title and Page description then Save.
    create a page
  2. Edit Layout, then Save.
    edit layout

  3. Edit Content, then Save.
    page content

  4. After displaying your new page and confirming the layout you will want to Edit access to the page under the Shared by me section in the Portfolio tab.



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