How do import questions to my Question Bank?

If you are importing questions from Moodle course to Moodle course:


If you are importing questions from another LMS like Blackboard:

  • Export your bank into an appropriate format (see the list below).


If you are importing questions from a publisher's CD or website you need one of the following filetypes:

  • Aiken format
  • Blackboard
  • Blackboard V6+
  • Embedded answers (Cloze)
  • Examview
  • Examview exported as Blackboard 6.0-7.0
  • Gift format
  • Learnwise format
  • Missing word format
  • Moodle XML format
  • WebCT format


Word, PDF, or other text files can't be imported. The best is to go to the origin of these tests from the publisher. If this is not possible, copying and pasting question by question is the only way.

Import Quiz Bank File

To import multiple choice questions into Moodle, the ATS department has an Excel file that you can fill out to import into Moodle. The instructions below will be helpful after you have placed the questions into the Excel file and used it to save the questions into the proper type of a text file. You may want to contact the ATS department for support when importing questions into Moodle. 

  1. Once you have a Moodle compatible Question format for the course, login onto Moodle and select the course and quiz for importing questions.

  2. Then in the Administration block > select Quiz administration > then Question bank > and Import.
    import questions

  3. Choose Moodle XML format or choose the file type you have stored your questions in.

  4. The list of questions will appear, select Continue. Questions will import and appear in the Question Bank.

  5. A quiz can then be created with the questions.

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