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Moodle Winter 2016/17

System Upgrade Highlights:

  • Upgrade to Mahara 16.04
  • Competency-based education framework (CBE)
    (See overview: ) Standards or competencies can be imported then assigned to courses and activities. Competencies can be marked as completed by an instructor for a student or through a new setting in activities that marks a competency as being met once the student meets the completion requirements. Students and teachers can also track student progress against standards at the course level.
  • Learning Plan Templates (to use in conjunction with CBE Framework)
  • Stabilization of Moodle Mobile integration
  • Assignment enhancements
  • Completion tracking enhancements
  • Advanced Forum enhancements
  • New Recycle bin feature
  • LTI Publishing

Plugin Integrations – Installed and tested new plugins:

  • Level Up! Block 
  • Mindmap    
  • Select missing words (gap select)
  • Checklist Activity
  • Checklist Block
  • H5P Interactive module builder toolset
Last update: 2017-03-27 22:26
Author: Sharon

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