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Moodle December 2014 Updates

Moodle Logo            December 2014 Updates!


On December 29, 2014 Moodlerooms will enhance our LMS platform with new features. Below are some of the improvements that will be implemented.

Assignment Activity:

  • Instructor comments can be entered directly inline to an online text assignment
  • Word limits can be set for online text assignments
  • When grading assignments a drop-down menu can be accessed from the 'Options' section allowing you to filter submissions so you can; for example quickly see which students have not submitted yet.

Advanced Forums:

  • Advance forums now makes it easy for any user to quickly scan a forum discussion and determine who is posting in a discussion, when there are new posts the user needs to read and which forums and discussions are the most active and popular.

To view details about these added features, click the link below:


  Moodle December 2014 Updates!

Last update: 2014-12-22 20:00
Author: Stacy

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