Is there a checklist for the start of Moodle classes?

Semester Start Checklist

This checklist is a way to help ensure that each new semester begins smoothly for all faculty and students using the Moodle Learning Management System, and is intended for faculty members who have successfully completed Moodle training and are not using an official university automated MASTER.

  1. Verify that your new course is in Moodle.
    - Course shells are automatically created approximately 3 weeks prior to the start of classes.
    - If you are unable to locate your course after reviewing the following FAQ #1176, contact your department administrator for further guidance.

  2. Confirm all your course materials.
    - Review the flow of the course, and the order of assignments
    - Do you have to make adjustments due to the numbers of weeks?
    - Are there any old assignments that you don't want to use? If you have a copy elsewhere (on your computer or your network drive) you should delete the old file or activity from your master.

  3. Have you added new assignments that you are using now?
    - If you added something to your Live course (ex. Fall 2015) you should copy it over to your master so that the master shell is the most current.

  4. Delete any references to previous faculty members if you have inherited content.

  5. Go to your new empty shell and check the number of topics/weeks.
    - Are they the same number as your master?
    - You can add new ones if needed.
    - Visit FAQ; How do I add more topics to my course?)

  6. Click on import and follow the import procedures.
    - Visit FAQ; How do I import previous course data into my new course shell?
    - You now have another opportunity to omit anything that is unnecessary.

  7. Verify the dates on ALL activities: Assignments and Quizzes.
    - These due dates will be automatically updated on the calendar.

  8. Delete any old syllabi and upload a new one.
    - Visit FAQ; How do I upload my syllabus to Moodle?

  9. Check your Gradebook.
    - Check the gradebook settings to verify display, category, mode, and grading scale preferences.
    - Verify that the gradebook has all the assignments properly linked to the correct content items.
    - Check all individual assignments including date, category, calculation type, and point settings.

  10. Enable your course.
    - Visit FAQ; How do I enable my Moodle course?

  11. Send welcome announcement.
    - Visit FAQ; How do I send everyone in my course a message?
    - Your message should contain a brief introduction, contact information, and a course schedule or syllabus.

Faculty using official automated MASTERS, please see the Faculty Checklist for Automated Courses attached.


Attached files: Faculty Checklist for Automated Courses 2016 V2.1.pdf

2017-06-14 15:19 Frank Keating
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