How do I get help if I cannot log in?

For New Users

  • Your default username is:
    the first initial of your first name and your full last name - all lower case
    example: jsmith
  • Your default password is:
    your birth date in six-digit format -- mmddyy

    example: 013080 -- for a birth date of January 30, 1980

*As an alternative, try the last 6 digits of your Immaculata University ID number; we may not have your birth date listed in our system. Your ID number begins with an upper case "A" or "C"

Once you login:
1. You'll be prompted to change your default password
2. You'll be prompted to set up 2 security questions

For Returning Users

Click the "Click Here" link located under "Forgot Password?" which are both in the MyIU Secure Access Login box on the myIU page.

The "Forgot Password?" link will:
1. Prompt you to answer 1 of your previously-setup security questions
2. Prompt you to reset your own password
3. Successfully log you into MyIU

**For additional help logging in:
Contact the OTS Helpdesk by submitting the Helpdesk Request Form or
Call 610.647.4400 ext. 1234

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