What types of docs can I create in Google Drive?

You can create:

  • Documents (analogous to Microsoft Word): "Google documents is an online word processor that lets you create and format text documents, and collaborate with other people in real time."

    Visit: https://support.google.com/docs/answer/49114?hl=en

  • Sheets (analogous to Microsoft Excel): "Google spreadsheets is an online spreadsheet application that lets you create and format spreadsheets, charts, and gadgets, and simultaneously work with other people."
    Visit: https://www.google.com/sheets/about/
  • Slides (analogous to Microsoft PowerPoint): "Google presentations is an online presentations editor that allows you to show off your work in a visual way."
    Visit: https://www.google.com/slides/about/

  • Forms: "Forms are a useful tool to help you plan events, give students a quiz, or collect other information in an easy, streamlined way. A Google form is automatically connected to a spreadsheet with the same title. When you send a form to recipients, their responses will automatically be collected in that spreadsheet."
    Visit: https://support.google.com/docs/answer/87809?hl=en

  • Drawings: "Google drawings you can easily create, share, and edit drawings online."
    Visit: https://support.google.com/docs/answer/177123?hl=en

2017-05-25 17:30 Joshua Bruck
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