How do I get my IU email on my phone?

Setup Mobile Password

  1. Set up a new mobile password here:

  2. Enter your MyIU Username and MyIU Password. (If you do not know what this is, or have questions regarding your MyIU credentials, please go to:
  3. Enter in a NEW Google password for phone access.2

  4. Then use that password to add your IU gmail to your phone!  Go to STEP TWO below.Your email for the app is your with the password as the one you just created.
You can use the standard Mail app or a app. Continue to step two in the process.

Set Up Mobile App


For an iPhone:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device
  2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Tap Add Account...
  4. Tap Gmail
  5. Enter your account information, being sure to use your full Immaculata address, including ''
  6. Tap Next
  7. Tap Save

For Android:

  1. On your phone, press < Home >, then open the Email application.
  2. On the 'Your accounts' page, select Next to get started with setup.
  3. Enter your full address and password, then select Next.
  4. On the next screen, you can give the account a nickname and choose the name to display on your outgoing messages. Tap Done

And you're done. You can verify your settings from the Inbox view by tapping < Menu > > Account settings.

Incoming settings
IMAP server:
Port: 993
Security type: SSL (always)

Outgoing settings
SMTP server:
Port: 465
Security type: SSL (always)

For other phones. (Select IMAP)


1If you enter an incorrect MyIU username and/or password, you will see an error that states: “Error Encountered During Google Password Update - Invalid username or password!” Please see here to reset your password.

2The Google password must contain at least six characters, one number and one letter. If the new Google password you created does not match those credentials, you will see an error such as this:

Directions adapted from Gmail support.



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