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Moodle December 2015 Updates!

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On December 29, 2015 Immaculata University successfully completed an upgrade to the version Moodle 2.9 by Moodlerooms.

Listed below are the essential updates of the recent implementation.

All system users

Improved User Interface

  • My home has been renamed to Dashboard, while retaining its full functionality as before.
  • Access an overview of grades in all courses via a Grades link in the User menu (top right of each page).
  • The user menu also links directly to an improved Profile page and brand new single page for customizing all Preferences for using the LMS.
For instructors

Activity enhancements

  • Lesson - Allows for user and group overrides to account for accessibility needs such as providing extended time for subset of students. The essay grading interface has been modified and more completion settings were added.
  • Quizzes can now have section headings and questions can be shuffled on different pages. It is possible to require that a particular question be answered before a subsequent one may be accessed.
  • Activity results can be displayed in a block for your class to resemble a leader board.

More information: Moodle 2.8 New Features Guide
2015-12-29 23:49

Moodle July 2015 Updates!

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On July 9, 2015 Immaculata University successfully completed an upgrade to the version Moodle 2.8 by Moodlerooms.

Listed below are the essential updates of the recent implementation.

Gradebook (for instructors)
  • The Sum of grades aggregation has been replaced by Natural weighting. Natural weights improves on Sum of grades by offering feedback on how your grading system applies weights to graded activities and categories.
  • The Single view improves access to the grades of each student individually.
  • A new Grade history report allows you to search the grade performance of a specific student.
Activities (for instructors)
  • Assignments - You may now add files to an assignment. This will help instructors provide a template or worksheet for an assignment.  It is also a good tool to share model submission examples.
  • Choice - More than one choice can now be made.
  • Quizzes - The user experience of quiz building allows for drag and drop capability. The process for the repagination of questions has also become easier.
Forums (all system users)
  • Students and faculty are able to subscribe to individual forum discussions and get email copies of just the replies you want.

More information: Moodlerooms 2.8 release documentation
2015-07-13 22:52

Moodle December 2014 Updates

Moodle Logo            December 2014 Updates!


On December 29, 2014 Moodlerooms will enhance our LMS platform with new features. Below are some of the improvements that will be implemented.

Assignment Activity:

  • Instructor comments can be entered directly inline to an online text assignment
  • Word limits can be set for online text assignments
  • When grading assignments a drop-down menu can be accessed from the 'Options' section allowing you to filter submissions so you can; for example quickly see which students have not submitted yet.

Advanced Forums:

  • Advance forums now makes it easy for any user to quickly scan a forum discussion and determine who is posting in a discussion, when there are new posts the user needs to read and which forums and discussions are the most active and popular.

To view details about these added features, click the link below:


  Moodle December 2014 Updates!

2014-12-22 20:00

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